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Jessica Benesh

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I am raising funds and awareness for Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization committed to protecting our loved ones from addiction to prescription and illicit drugs and alcohol and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

I am 1 in 3. One out of three Americans is effected by addiction. 5 years ago my cousin, Brian, took his life to end his long battle with addiction. It has been almost 10 years since one of my very best friends lost his battle with addiction as well. Sadly, many have probably viewed Brian and Brad as another statistic, or troubled youth. But to me- they were 2 people that I loved very, very much. Both were the type of guys to put others before themselves. The type of guys who made it impossible not to love them, and laugh with them. Each loss took a piece of my heart with them. Each loss has also changed the way I view this disease. An astronomical number of people struggle with addiction, and the same goes for the number of people who lose loved ones to addiction. It's time we take a stand. For our mothers, fathers, children, families, and friends. After the loss of my cousin, my uncle began Shatterproof- an organization committed to ending the stigma of addiction. Since then, Shatterproof has made huge strides in terms of research, awareness, and real change towards reducing the devastating impact of addiction. Together we can help make this change. We cannot bring back the ones that we have lost- but we can do our part to make ensure their loss is not in vain. We can save another life- another parent's child, another child's parent, another's friend, cousin, husband, wife. Your support helps expand Shatterproof's efforts to support prevention, treatment, rescue and recovery of addiction. Please donate if you can, no amount is too small. And please share this link and help me raise money, and awareness. Join me, my team, and my family in sparking a change that this country so desperately needs. Because way too many of us are 1 in 3.

Together, we are stronger than addiction. We Are Shatterproof!
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Addiction in any form can devastate not only the addicted but all those that love them. Proud of you Jess for bringing to light a serious priblem
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