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Shatterproof at Topgolf

KC Topgolf Event

Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Shatterproof.

Gary Henson, Shatterproof board member, is hosting an invitation-only event at Topgolf in Overland Park, Kansas, on October 13, 2016. Gary will be moderating a panel discussion regarding the opioid epidemic and how it is impacting our Kansas City community. The panel discussion will include:

- Dr. David Willey – Dr. Willey is the director of the Substance Use Disorders (SUD) unit of Cottonwood Springs in Olathe, Kansas. A board certified physician and addictionologist, Dr. Willey offers a unique perspective into the disease of addiction.

- Dr. Michael Dahl – Dr. Dahl has been practicing Internal Medicine in the Kansas City area for 13 years and currently serves as lead physician for Medical Group of Kansas City. Dr. Dahl provides comprehensive care for adults and has specialized interests in diabetes diagnosis and management and hypertension.

- Jeffrey M. Kuntz – Mr. Kuntz is an attorney who runs a broad litigation practice with emphasis in the areas of professional liability, product liability, mass torts, drug and medical device litigation and personal injury cases. He has significant trial experience, including participating in cases with multimillion dollar damage claims for both plaintiffs and defendants. He is also active in the Kansas City recovery community.

Following the brief panel discussion, Gary will highlight Shatterproof's efforts to combat the epidemic, and how we can help. But, don't worry - this will be a lighthearted event with plenty of opportunities to show off that golf swing!

Our main goal with this event is to share Shatterproof's mission with our Kansas City community. However, we welcome donations to our cause, should you feel moved to make one.

Together, we are stronger than addiction. We Are Shatterproof.

Thank you for your support.



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