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For Michael

In the spring of 2016 the world became a significantly lesser place with the passing of Michael Taylor. Mike was a son, brother, friend but mostly he was simply a terrific human being. He lit up every room he walked into with his enormous smile and deep, infectious laugh. He is missed every day, and will continue to be missed indefinitely.

For Michael 2017 was a substance free day where those who gathered enjoyed the following activities:

*A "build your own boat" relay race: groups of 4 people signed up to test their ingenuity and boat racing skills at Darien’s beautiful Weed Beach. In the months leading up to event, teams competed to see who could raise the most money for Shatterproof
*'Tramps Like Us', the premier Bruce Springsteen Tribute band, performed at the beach following the boat race
*Throughout the day there were lawn/beach games, dunk tanks, food trucks, and more!

By engaging in some of the activities that Mike enjoyed, we honor his memory. Those who participated in the event helped increase awareness and funding for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of this disease.

Addiction needs to be battled with empathy and love. Michael was full of both.



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