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Running For Sam

Thank you to everyone who had donated and joined Sam's team in 2018. Your donations and participation absolutely blew us out of the water.

Raising awareness to drug addiction and ending the sigma behind addiction is a cause that's very near and dear to our hearts.

Sam was an addict, yes, but he was so much more than that.
He was amazingly wise, he was loyal, he was extremely charismatic and witty. Sam loved his family, friends and his fur-family with such intensity. He'd go above and beyond to ensure each and every one of his loved ones was taken care of and in good hands.

Participating in last years Shatterproof 5k only four months after he passed was a brutal and excruciating experience.
2019 will be no easier.
Every minute, every hour, every day that goes by is a moment we live without him in our lives.
This is what fuels my fire to volunteer and fundraise for Shatterproof's cause.

Please join our team.
Register for a race (our home race will be Chicago).
Donate to Shatterproof's cause.
If not for Sam, then for a loved one of yours who is battling addiction.
No addict is alone.

If you have a loved one who has lost their battle to addiction and you chose to donate in Sam's name, please don't be afraid to mention their name in your donation.

I hope to see you at the finish line.

Chicago: 9/7/19
Boston: 9/22/2018
D.C.: 10/5/2019
NYC: 10/13/2019
Atlanta: 11/2/2019
LA: 11/9/2019
Dallas: 11/16/2019


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