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100 Miles for Recovery

Bob Mitchell

Alcohol and other drugs claim more than 135,000 lives every year in the United States — 370 people every day, 15 every hour. However, there is hope! Addiction is preventable and treatable.

Recovery from addiction is not possible without a solid support network. Whether it be a loving family and/or a reputable rehabilitation center, no one can do this on their own. Unfortunately, these are luxuries that not everyone can afford. Money can be tight with expensive rehabs and often families/friends do not understand the disease or have given up on the person who is suffering.

With the support of my family and friends, I am coming up on 30 months sober. It is a great feeling and one that I would like to share with people who are struggling. Part of my recovery is being able to give back to the community.

Shatterproof is a national organization committed to minimizing addiction and ending the stigma and suffering of those effected by this disease. In order to raise awareness for the work that Shatterproof is doing, I am participating in the Leadville 100. It is a 100-mile mountain bike race with 12,500 feet of vertical climbing in the beautiful town of Leadville, CO, the highest incorporated city in America.

I ask for any support you can provide to help fight this disease that takes the lives of so many people. Shatterproof's founder, Gary Mendell, lost his son to addiction, and I have personally known kids under the age of 25 who are no longer with us. Hopefully, with the awareness groups like Shatterproof provide, more people will be able to recover from the deadly disease of addiction.




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Way to go Bob!
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Way to go, Bob! Sorry this donation is late...
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We are so proud of you Bob! You are inspiring! Love, The O'Neill Family
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Great job, Bob.
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Sorry this is so late, hope the race went well
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Way to go!