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Together We Are Stronger Than Addiction

Christy Sharshel

Thank you for visiting this fundraising page. I am so glad you are here.

I am so grateful for the life I have built with the love and support of many incredible people. I have all that I need and more. So, for my 50th birthday, I am raising funds and awareness for Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastation the disease of addiction causes families.

My own struggle with addiction led down many dark paths and I am aware every day how differently it could have turned out. I am one of the lucky ones...many of us don't make it this far.

Shatterproof is changing the conversation about addiction. They are saving lives by helping pass laws that prevent more of our loved ones from becoming addicted to prescription opioids and supporting first responders who can rescue those who overdose. Your support helps expand their efforts to support prevention, treatment, rescue and recovery of addiction.

So, this is one of my passions - helping addicts find new lives. Making sure that they have all the chances they need to turn the corner into recovery and that, when they do, they have access to solid, affordable, evidence-based treatment. Any gift to that end, is more than I could ever ask for.



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