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Hiking for Hope!

Hiking For Hope

Hello all!

Taylor and I are happy to announce that, with the partnership of Shatterproof, we will be embarking on a surreal journey along one of the most iconic trails in the lower United States, the Pacific Crest Trail. From the Mexican border to the Canadian border, we plan to hike over 2,500 miles of wonderfully wild trail. It takes about 5-6 months to complete and will definitely test our limits as no doubt the single hardest thing either of us have ever attempted to complete. We have every intention of finishing and will ultimately go as far as we can before college classes begin again in September.

Our goal is to raise money for an organization that believes what we believe, that the negative stigmas associated with addiction prevent those who need help the most from receiving any help at all, and the systematic over prescription and under regulation of incredibly effective opioid painkillers leaves many addicted before they know what hits them. Opiate addiction is a systemic problem, and the stigma surrounding addiction is destructive. Legislative action can help eliminate both of these problems, and nobody is making a bigger difference in the way the laws are written than Shatterproof.

You can help us support this organization by making a donation right now. Donate by clicking an icon on the right side of the page. Choose an amount already created, or have some fun with it and make up your own amount.

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization working to prevent, treat and make a lasting change in recovery for those who are battling addiction. Shatterproof advocates for changes in legislation and urges our lawmakers to treat addiction as the disease that it is. Bills that they have already helped pass have implemented more intelligent prescribing practices for doctors, drug monitoring programs for pharmacies, and the provisions of legal immunities and access to opiate overdose drugs for first responders, among others. Moreover, they are legislating for common sense use of our federal and state budgets that aim to reallocate money from incarcerating addicts, to evidence based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. We hope to help this organization by bringing awareness to them, the amazing work they are doing, and to addiction in general.

We believe hiking is such a natural high and can really benefit those who need a change of scenery in their life. We urge people to get outside in nature and be thankful for their health, their bodies, and this unbelievable world we live in. We have only got one life to live on this earth. There are no redo’s or second chances. Every second of every day we are writing our own history.

Join us, and let’s write something worthwhile.

Support our journey by clicking on the already created icons on the right of the page, or pledge per mile and light a fire under us to make those miles stack up!

1 cent per mile……. $26.00
2 cents per mile..….. $52.00
6 cents per mile…… $156.00
13 cents per mile….. $338.00
20 cents per mile….. $520.00

PS Please do not feel obligated or pressured to donate. This fundraiser is equally about raising money for a good cause as it is about creating dialogue, letting those around us who suffer from addiction know that they are still cared about, that they are not alone, and that they are still loved unconditionally and regardless of their actions. We believe the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but is connection.

If you would still like to show your support, consider sharing our Facebook page. Or,sahre this donation page!

If you would like to get in contact with us personally, see how to get involved further (yes, there are many ways...), or want to send us a bit of encouragement, send us an email.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hikingforhope2017
Email: www.hikingforhope2017@gmail.com

Taylor and Alex



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