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Education and Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your fundraiser, your way, from start to finish.

Ready to get going? It's easy!

Pick an activity, pick a date, and start planning.

1. Set realistic goals for your event. How much do you want to raise? How many people would you like to attend? Check out how to host your own fundraiser here.

2. Assemble people to help you. Form a planning committee with friends, family, or other like-minded individuals to help with different parts of your event. Depending on the size of your event, you'll want to meet regularly to discuss: 

  • Budget
  • Logistics
  • Event Promotion - creating and distributing flyers, getting local media contacts, etc.
  • Sponsorship - cash donations and products/services to help you reach your fundraising goals. 
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteers - recruiting enough helping hands and assisting with day-of responsibilities 
  • Agenda for the day of event - set-up and clean-up, security, food and beverage, additional activities and more

Promote your event & why you're fundraising on social media and in-person

Share updates as you reach milestones for people attending and fundraising achievements. Let your community know how your event is helping to save lives.

Say thank you. A lot.

You can thank donors directly in your dashboard.

Remember to take one day at a time and enjoy taking the steps to having the impact you're seeking to make for those in your community. 

Together, we are stronger than addiction. Together, We Are Shatterproof.