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Your donations save lives. Here's how:

Addiction is our country’s most urgent public health crisis. 184 of our children, siblings, and loved ones now die from drug overdoses every day. Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States. Right now, we're focused on one specific goal: To transform America's addiction treatment system.

Your donations directly work to ensure that every American with a substance use disorder has access to treatment that’s based on proven research. Because better addiction treatment means more lives saved. It’s that simple.

Every dollar you donate is carefully used to support key initiatives, which will have a big impact on preventing overdose deaths and promoting long-term recovery.

Federal & State Advocacy

Combatting patient brokering. Increasing access to medication for addiction treatment. Ensuring government funding only goes toward treatment programs proven to actually work. These are the things we’re working hard to accomplish in D.C. and in state capitals across the country. Over the past several years, Shatterproof has become a respected addiction advocate with a proven track record of success. Read up on our current advocacy priorities, and our past successes, to see exactly what your dollars get done.

Public Education

Shatterproof Addiction Wellness at Work 

Untreated substance use costs business over $700 billion in lost productivity. Shatterproof’s Addiction Wellness at Work is a proactive education program for employers that will reduce stigma and help people seek treatment when they need it.


Shatterproof Family Program

Overcoming the myths, chaos, and confusion of addiction requires a systemic approach to education and empowerment. The Shatterproof Family Program does just that, get the details on our revolutionary approach to community and family support. 


Payer Reform

Only about 18% of addiction treatment is paid for by private health insurance, and less than 2% of specialty addiction treatment programs offer all three FDA-approved medications for addiction. Our payer-based strategies will use a tactical approach to change those unacceptable statistics, improving the delivery of evidence-based care.


If you want to buy a safe and reliable car for your child, you can use Consumer Reports to inform your purchase. But when it comes to addiction treatment, no such system exists. That’s why we’re creating ATLAS, an addiction treatment locator, analysis, and standards tool, people can use to find high-quality addiction treatment. It will be reliable, evidence-based, and easy to use. By arming consumers with knowledge, we can stop the deadly cycle of costly, ineffective treatment programs.

Provider Education

Negative perceptions of people with substance use disorders are all too common among health professionals. These attitudes directly contribute to worse care. Right now, we’re researching this issue—with an eye toward solving it. Better provider education will eliminate barriers to quality care, and create more understanding among everyone involved in a patient’s addiction treatment.


Together, we can fix our country's broken treatment system and save thousands of lives.

Your donation can spare countless families the devastation of this disease. You can shatter the unjust stigma, and help build a system where treatment for addiction begins in the doctor's office with evidence-based best practices-just as it would for any other disease.

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