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How Your Support Helps

At Shatterproof, we’re building a future where those facing addiction can have hope, success stories of their own, and ultimately, live a long healthy life. A future where the stigma is lost and those facing addiction are found. So they can be treated with empathy, compassion, and love. A future with revolutionized treatment plans that ensure quality, accessible care — starting with policies that treat addiction patients as people.

The problem we're solving...


COVID-19 has made this public health crisis worse...

“Nationwide, federal and local officials are reporting  alarming spikes in drug overdoses — a hidden  epidemic within the coronavirus pandemic. Emerging  evidence suggests that the continued isolation,  economic devastation and disruptions to the drug  trade in recent months are fueling the surge.”
Washington Post, 7/1/2020

Drug-related emergency calls and interviews with  coroners suggest that overdoses have not just  increased since the pandemic began, but are  accelerating. Suspected overdoses jumped 18 percent  in March, 29 percent in April and 42 percent in May. For every 10 suspected overdoses reported to ODMAP  in May 2019, 14 overdoses were reported in May 2020.

We harness the models of business, the rigor of science, and the power of a national movement TO CREATE CHANGE AND SAVE LIVES.

Revolutionizing the treatment system.
We are fixing the healthcare delivery system so that every person facing addiction has access to quality care and treatment based on science, just like any other disease.
Breaking down addiction-related stigmas.
We are building awareness that addiction is a treatable disease, not a weakness. By changing people’s attitudes and behaviors, we’re reducing the shame that can discourage patients from seeking life- saving treatment, and deter doctors from offering quality care, and, instead, providing reassurance, compassion, and support for a full and fulfilling life.  
Supporting and empowering our communities.
Through science-based prevention and treatment-related educational resources and advocating for life-saving policies, we're building hope, confidence and resiliency within our families and communities.

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