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Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in the United States. We are doing this by transforming the treatment system in the United States, ending stigma that dehumanizes those with addiction, and supporting families and communities through advocacy, resources, and action. We are dedicated to creating a Shatterproof community that is stronger than addiction.

Addiction can shatter a person and a family, but when we band together, we are stronger than addiction. When you partner with Shatterproof, you will find yourself on the forefront of changing and saving the lives of millions.


Shatterproof Walk

Together, we’ll honor those who lost their lives to this disease, celebrate those who are living in recovery and bring hope to the millions that are still suffering. Together, we can save lives. Together, we are Shatterproof.

No two stories about addiction are the same, but when we come together to share our stories, we create a new one. After 2 years of isolation, of overdose rates skyrocketing and a shadow looming over our community, the Shatterproof Walk is back! By participating in Shatterproof Walks, you will join a community from all over the country dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in the U.S.


Share Your Story

Your story is what unites us and encourages others to tell their story. The more we share, the more we shatter the stigma of addiction.

We invite you to share your story so that Shatterproof may share it on our media outlets. 


Share Your Story