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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are a first-time fundraiser or experienced in inviting others to support great causes, these ideas and simple steps will help make you an awesome fundraiser.

Why fundraise for Shatterproof?

More than $0.74 of every dollar goes directly towards programs and services to transform the treatment system, end addiction stigma, and empower our communities.

  • Your fundraising helps support the nearly 49 million individuals living with substance use disorder in the United States.
  • Your fundraising helps nearly 90% of people who need treatment and aren’t currently receiving it.
  • Your fundraising supports the 21+ million individuals living in recovery.

Be an All-Star Fundraiser

Raising funds for Shatterproof is an opportunity to prove that we are stronger than addiction. Follow these three steps by going to your personal Fundraising Center and getting started:

Step #1: Personalize Your Fundraising Page

Difficulty: Easy • Duration: 30 minutes

Fundraisers who personalize their page raise five times more than those who do not. Imagine how your fundraising totals will soar! Every dollar raised helps support your community and those living with substance use disorder.

  • Start by setting your fundraising goal (AIM HIGH!) and making a self-donation.
  • Then be sure to update your profile picture and banner image.
  • Finally, tell your story and/or share your reason for supporting Shatterproof.

Don't forget, all of this can be done from the Donor Drive Mobile App! Reach out to your Walk Lead to find out more, or search "DonorDrive" in your phone's App store, search for Shatterproof within the app, and log in to your profile! Everything you need will be right at your fingertips!

Step #2: Raise Awareness

Now that your page is personalized, you are ready to spread the word!

Invite your friends and family to support you in fundraising for a cause you believe in.

  • A great way to start is by sending your newly personalized page to your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Short on time? No program! Use the email, social, and text templates provided through your fundraising dashboard!
  • Ask them to match your self-donation, or make any size gift that is personally meaningful to them.

The number one reason people don’t give to a fundraiser is because they aren’t asked! Fundraising is all about connections and letting your supporters know the impact their gift will make – no matter the amount.

Step #3: Celebrate Your Success

The Shatterproof Walk is the nation’s largest platform educating, empowering, and supporting the greatest number of individuals impacted by addiction. Thank you for being a part of this movement to shatter the stigma and make a difference in the lives of those with substance use disorder.

Celebrating and sharing your fundraising success will inspire others to get involved!

  • Be sure to genuinely thank your donors when they support you and invite them to be a part of your team. Even if they don’t fundraise themselves, include them.
  • Share the fundraising milestones you’ve met as you thank your donors for helping you reach them – and find out if your company, or your supporters’ workplace offers matching gifts.