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There has to be a better way...

It was 1994  and I had just completed securing a State treatment license for a guy who had not finished High School. He was to be the Executive Director. I said to myself...what am I doing? Working two jobs and doing this consulting gig. So I borrowed my son Jon's Bar Mitzvah gifts and negotiated a price to buy an 8 unit apartment building. I was expanding from counseling and consulting to real estate and opening a halfway house. 

You know what they say about timing. The Destination Treatment industry was ramping up and Delray was on the cusp. Expansion came fast and furious. Residences were popping as the new Cottage Industry began to BOOM! I had 50 beds in 4 locations, running hard 24/7. Dealing hope, chasing newcomers for their rent money before they turned right at the corner to Crack Town.

There has to be a better way alright.

I started www.SOBERHOUSES.COM . The first Internet Housing Directory that quickly morphed into  www.SOBER.COM , a comprehensive internet directory for loved ones to shop for the best "clinical and financial fit" so no addict seeking recovery need ever die.

I chased domain names, I chased more real estate and I chased HealthTech. 

I never was able to replace Adam, my once to-be son-in-law who succumbed to suicide. He could sell anything and presented as gracious and humble throughout. If only I took the time to diagnose staff. Alision was hanging in as was Jonathan but the ship had sailed.

The team started training in 2004 and I wanted to make it in your hand, thus with the birth of www.SOBERSYSTEMS.COM  (2012) I banged heads with every sector. Again, premature for the market, too far ahead of the tech integration curve despite incentivizing the users with our own monetary reward called www.SOBERCOIN.COM .

Rolled it all in www.SOBERNETWORK.COM 

Welcoming all to the www.SOBERVERSE.COM

Setbacks, rejection, Jay's passing in the early stage of a project that I was "all in" on, only showed unresolved grief, distraction and rejection everywhere I looked. Juggling as fast as I could, COVID came and there had to be better I lit up www.SPACEALARM.COM a clip on light that warned others to keep their distance. Cute, fun and failure. A def known feature of entrepreneurship.

Not to be deterred, I went again to basics, and pushed the coaching school and counseling. Working and earning all through until criminal justice called with an abundance of funds as our government was pushing the criminalization of SUD. Wrote the FORENSICS PEER SPECIALIST course so we could chase State and Fed funding so recidivism could be reduced. 

Outta funds, drive in low, depression building as life was crumbling.

Staying with what I knew, Telemed became my respite. No team, no interest. No became operative in language. Boundaries and protection for the storms.

I woke up from COVID rested and driven. Again, determined to "be that somebody" . Blessed with grandchildren from amazing resilient adult children (4) I stumbled in to www.SOBRLIFE.COM  

since it looked easy peasy. Sell pics, no inventory, no significant financial investment. Lots of time and team building, again. Well, noooo, clothing is a one off. Buy it, wear it once (novelty) and start collecting the line (NOT!) . Then came this on a can. Water disguised as alcohol. Hold it in public and fit in, no shame, no questions, no harm.


                   DROWN the STIGMA. Drink your recovery OUT LOUD. 

                                                          SOBR WATER

Follow Jay the horse as he journeys down multiple pathways to freedom. 

Our team is participating in the Shatterproof Walk to End Addiction Stigma to raise vital funds that will transform the way addiction is treated in America.  We are helping to break down the stigma that surrounds our loved ones with this chronic, treatable disease. Together, let’s ensure more people have greater access to quality care and recovery.  

Help us make a difference.

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