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Recovery Through Resilience

Valerie Fu

Addiction and drug abuse claims hundreds of lives every day throughout the nation and has manifested itself into greater monsters such as the opioid epidemic, the rise in nicotine abuse among teens, and a surge in alcoholism rates. These tragic trends are symptoms of a far greater disease; there is something terrible and dark that is forcing us to numb the pain with unhealthy coping methods. Many people live in fear and shame their entire lives about their substance use, stopping them from getting help and ultimately, killing them.

This is why District 5170 is raising funds and awareness for Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastation the disease of addiction causes families for the 2019-2020 Community Project.

Shatterproof is changing the conversation about addiction. They are saving lives by helping pass laws that prevent more of our loved ones from becoming addicted to prescription opioids and supporting first responders who can rescue those who overdose. Your support helps expand their efforts to support prevention, treatment, rescue, and recovery of addiction.

Through this partnership, we aim to raise $60,000 to increase treatment access across the country, support addiction research, and garner the development of substance abuse support programs. We will also work to destigmatize conversations about drug abuse and encourage those in pain to seek help.

Together, we are stronger than addiction.



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