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Kristin Frazer

Thanks for visiting my page again! Many of you generously donated towards the nearly $1800 we raised back in March. Tomorrow I will be participating in the Shatterproof NYC 5k. Can we get this total to over $2000?

Here’s some information for why I’ve chosen this organization to support. Thank you for any support you can give.

Those who know me best know that when bad things happen the first thing I want to do is help. Unfortunately there are times that there is nothing I can do to help. A terrible thing for a self proclaimed control freak who likes to fix everything for everyone. So what do I do when I feel completely useless? I find a different way to help (and it usually involves a marathon or half marathon - sorry Mom).

Addiction is something that pretty much everyone can relate to, even though you might not want to admit it or you are not comfortable discussing it. Whether you have struggled with addiction, have a family member or have a friend, most of us know someone or know someone who knows someone, who has been through this. I know people who have lost the battle, I know people struggling every single minute of every single day and fortunately I also know people who are in recovery. While I hate and resent the disease of addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, my love for those suffering doesn't ever waver. It is so very difficult to navigate the path of loving and supporting someone with addiction. When I was younger I always thought addiction was a choice and I would very naively just shake my head and say, "why don't they just stop?". As I have watched those I love struggle I realize it is not a choice. It is a disease and there is an element of mental health that needs to be addressed in a much more efficient way. It is a disease just like cancer, ALS, MG, etc and needs to be treated just as any other disease. However, so many people don't seek treatment because of the stigma associated with addiction or the fear of losing a job, friends, family or tarnishing a reputation. And sometimes those who seek emergency treatment for OD or are saved by Narcan, etc never receive follow up treatment for the underlying mental health concerns.

When I fund raise I want it to be meaningful and go to a place that I truly believe is doing good work for the cause I want to support. I found an organization that advocates for evidence based treatments, mental health supports (for addicts as well as their loved ones) and a movement to stop the stigma associated with addiction. Check out shatterproof.org for more info

Addiction doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you're male or female, straight, gay, bi or trans, black or white, tall or short, young or old, single or married, rich or poor. I can't fix the people I love. I can't fight their battle. I can't bring back those I've lost. But I can let them (and their families) know that there is love and support there. And for those I've lost I can try to make something better for others and do some good work in their memory. Stop the stigma! This organization also offers tremendous supports and resources for family members/friends of addicts which was extremely important to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support!



raised of $1,310 goal

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So very proud of you and hope I am not too late. Sorry I am not on FB all the time to have seen this. God bless and YES MAY THE WIND BE AT YOUR BACK 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
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Good luck!! 🍀