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Katrina Scott

In April I will be running the Boston Marathon with a goal of raising $50,000 to support Shatterproof.

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families. Shatterproof is changing the conversation about addiction. They are saving lives by helping pass laws that prevent more of our loved ones from becoming addicted to prescription opioids and supporting first responders who can rescue those who overdose. Your support helps expand their efforts to support prevention, treatment, rescue and recovery of addiction.

Every dollar we raise together will advance Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts, provide evidence-based resources for families, and help end the stigma of addiction.

The Shatterproof mission is very important to me, as a very close friend of mine lost his son to addiction. He has taken such a tragic loss and turned his energy into figuring out how he can help solve problems so others may not have to face the same loss he did. All of us have been touched by addiction some how, and I'm hoping you will consider supporting this cause with me.



raised of $50,000 goal

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