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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I follow along for further updates?

Follow us on Instagram @formichael_event and on Facebook.

Is there an admission fee?
No. There is no admission fee, but there will be a donation table set up at the entrance.

Are children welcome?
Yes! There will be lawn games & face painting for kids of all ages to enjoy.

What time should I arrive?
The event starts at 3:00 PM

Do I have to attend the entire event?
No. Feel free to come and go at any time throughout the event.

Can I park at the beach?
There will be limited parking at the beach, but if a spot is available you can park there. We recommend parking at Hindley School and taking our shuttle down to the beach.

What if I’m traveling from NYC?
Shuttles will be provided to/from the Noroton Heights train station – times will be announced closer to the event.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?
You are welcome to bring your own food & drinks in; however, there will be food trucks at the beach all day that will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Shatterproof. Please note: it is a substance-free event.

How can I help or participate if I am not involved in the boat race?
Donate a silent auction item, volunteer, donate team prizes, help participants fundraise, or join us for the event! We appreciate any and all help to make our event bigger and better than last year. Our top priority is to have a great day at the beach to honor Michael Taylor, so please spread the word!
Please visit the volunteer page to see volunteer opportunities.
Please email if you would like to donate an item to our silent auction.

Where does the money go?
The funds you raise supports our advocacy efforts, provides trusted, evidence-based resources for families, and ends the stigma of addiction. See your impact.

What is Shatterproof's Tax ID?
A Tax ID # identifies Shatterproof as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization. The Shatterproof Tax ID # is 45-4619712.

Where should I mail donation checks and who should I make them out to?
101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park, 1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851
Make all checks payable to: Shatterproof. In the memo area, write “Shatterproof” and the name of the person or team the donation should be credited to (ex: Shatterproof – Joe Smith).

Can I make a donation to a team?
Yes. You can make a donation to a team or to an individual team member.

How do I find a participant's personal fundraising webpage?
You can click here to search for an individual participant or team!

How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to a participant's fundraising account?
Any donation made online should post immediately. If an online donation doesn't post within 5 minutes, contact us.

Are donations tax-deductible?
All monetary donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Do all donors who mail their donations or contribute online receive a receipt?
Any donor who mailed their donation and provided an address will receive a receipt via mail once the donation has been processed. If you made your donation in installments, you'll receive a receipt each time a monthly payment is processed. Anyone who donates online, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt via email.

How do I add a dedication when I make a donation?
When you make a donation online, you can designate what you want to appear as your recognition name on the participant's Honor Roll. This may be your name, or something such as "From the whole Wolf family" or "in memory of Aunt Cathy." You can also make an anonymous donation.

What can I do if a check is written out to me personally?
Endorse the back of the check and mail it in with a completed donation form to: Shatterproof, 101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park, 1st Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851.
Note: If you anticipate receiving multiple checks, wait and send them together in a single envelope. 

Can I mail in a cash donation?
Don't send cash in the mail. You may drop off the cash at a Shatterproof event along with your information or deposit the cash into your checking account and send a personal check from your account.

Can I start a team?
If you would like to start your own boat team, please reach out to Matt Nestor at

What time does the boat race start and end?
The boat race will start at the beginning of the event (shortly after 3 PM) and should end around 5 PM.

How long will each heat last?
Each boat race heat should take about 20 minutes, and will be announced by our event MC, Matt Nestor.

Am I responsible for my boat after the race is finished?
Yes, each team needs to either take their boat with them or put it in the dumpster before leaving the event. The boats cannot be left on or at the beach unless they are in the dumpster.

What time does the silent auction start and end?
The silent auction will run throughout the entire event and close 15 minutes prior to the event end time. Winners will be announced immediately after the silent auction is closed.

What are the accepted methods of payment at the silent auction?
We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Do I have to provide a credit card ahead of time to bid on an item?
No, if you win an item you can pay at the event or arrange payment via email with our team in exchange for the item.

When do I receive my item if I win?
If you are at the event when the winners are called, you can pay for the item and take it home with you. If you have to leave before the silent auction winners are announced, we will contact you by phone or email to arrange payment and item delivery. If we cannot get in contact with a winner in a reasonable amount of time, we will contact the second highest bidder.