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Need some fundraising inspiration?

Create Your Own Fundraiser is designed to allow you to fundraise your way, but we all need a little help every now and then. If you're looking for some fun and creative ways to fundraise, you're in the right spot! Feel free to use the suggestions below for inspiration, but don't feel limited to only these examples.

Your imagination and creativity is the limit!

Create a Page

Online Only

The easiset way to fundraise! Simply create your online page, customize, and share away!

Honor a Lost Loved One

Create a page in honor of a lost loved one to keep their memory alive and raise funds to prevent the unnecessary loss of life.

Celebrate Recovery

Living in recovery is something worthy of celebration. Celebrate your accomplishment and share your story to help inspire others.

Birthday Fundraiser

Becoming a year more wise? Celebrate your birthday by asking family and friends to make a donation to Shatterproof through your fundraising page.

Paint Party

Looking for an excuse to dress up like Bob Ross? Host a painting lesson or party and ask for donations instead of fees.


Link your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube username to your fundraising page. Then livestream yourself playing your favorite videogame and ask spectators to make a donation.

5K / 10K / Marathon / More

Whether you like to walk, run, hike, bike, swim, or something else, ask your friends and family to donate for each mile you move. You could even host your own event and ask for donations in lieu of registration fees.

Host a Concert

In a band or friends in a band? Ask for donations instead of selling tickets. Livestream the show for the world to see. 


Gather your family and friends for a potluck picnic in your backyard or at a nearby park.


Challenge your family and friends to some karaoke! You can even livestream your event to involve everyone near and far.

Sporting Events

Organize a tournament and ask for donations as the entry fee.

Scavenger Hunt

Is it here? Over there? To the right? To the left? Charge a donation for groups to join in on the fun.

Golf Tournament

Organize a golf or Topgolf tournament. Donate a portion of the registration fees, approach local businesses to be a sponsor, and you could even include a silent auction!


Mystery Dinner Party

Invite your friends and family over for a themed mystery dinner party. Everyone can dress in disguise or as close as possible to the time period of the mystery.

Your Own Idea

Want to do your own thing? Go right on ahead! Put your passion, skills, interests to work and Create Your Own Fundraiser!

Ready to get started?

Create a Page