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Bold actions show passion, strength and courage. They show a willingness to challenge yourself on behalf of raising awareness in solidarity with others. 


Your challenge is completely up to you, but here are some ideas that respect physical distancing that you can do yourself, or with your family, colleagues, club or community: 
  • Walk or Run – Run a 5K, 10K or a half marathon in your neighborhood. 
  • Cycle or Swim – Whether on your stationary bike, mountain bike or road bike, aim to take a challenging ride. Or, set a challenge of laps in your pool or an open water swim.
  • Organize a group hike, run, or physical challenge.
  • Climb or Hike – Climb the steps of your high-rise building or a nearby mountain or take a challenging hike you have always want to try. 
  • Get Creative! We’re looking for bold and challenging actions and we’re not limiting your thinking. Maybe your bold action is less physical and more artistic, symbolic or spiritual, like getting a tattoo! 
  • Perform for others
  • Paint a picture or make a craft
  • Tell your story 
  • Reach out to those in need
  • Dye your hair 
  • Forgo all substances for the month of September 
  • Teach a class - Raise money and support by teaching your friends and family a class, maybe it’s a yoga, dance, or painting – do whatever suits you! 

The possibilities are endless, but we want you to remember that this is your chance to show how your are #strongerthanaddiction in any way that you choose. Set your sights (and fundraising goals) high! 


Check out our highlight video from last year for more inspiration!