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Whether this is your first time participating in a fundraising event or you're a seasoned pro, these tips will make it fun and easy for you to raise money, inspire others with your story, and show the world that we are #strongerthanaddiction

  1. KICK START your fundraising by making a personal donation.
  2. PERSONALIZE your fundraising page. Share your WHY and pictures showcasing why you're #StrongerThanAddiction! Check out these tips on how to share your WHY in a compelling way
  3. SHARE your fundraiser far and wide! You can share your page on social media, by email, or even by mail! Remember, the more people you share with, the more impact we can make, and the more lives we can save!
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE of matching gifts! Matching gifts can double or even triple a donation! Learn more about how to find out if your company matches
  5. CONNECT your fundraising page directly to a Facebook Fundraiser. This is the easiest way to reach your fundraising goal. Participants that connect to Facebook raise on average 5x more than those who don’t!
    IMPORTANT: For a Facebook Fundraiser to be credited to your fundraising efforts for the Stronger Than Addiction Challenge, it MUST be connected through your Participant Dashboard. 

Check out these great resources below to help you achieve your goals!


Printable Bibs

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"I'm Stronger For" Poster


Logo to create your own t-shirt

Stronger Than Addiction Logo


Fundraising Support

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How To Raise $1000 in 10 days


Social Media Checklist


The Shatterproof Team is here to support you! If you have questions or need a little encouragement please reach out at