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At Shatterproof, we’re building a future where those facing addiction can have hope, success stories of their own, and ultimately, live a long healthy life. A future where the stigma is lost and those facing addiction are found. So they can be treated with empathy, compassion, and love. A future with revolutionized treatment plans that ensure quality, accessible care — starting with policies that treat addiction patients as people.

The problem we're solving...

More than 20 million people in America struggle with addiction. Substance use disorder is the third largest cause of death in the nation, but many with this disease suffer in silence and don’t get the treatment they need. 

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Shatterproof is using research and science-based solutions to reverse the addiction crisis across the country. 

•  Overdoses kill more of us than breast cancer, guns, and car crashes combined. More than 81,000 loved ones in between June 2019 and June 2020 alone. 
•  Only 1 in 10 who need addiction treatment ever receive it. 
•  80% of us don’t want a friend, colleague or neighbor with addiction.
•  Each year, addiction costs Americans over $740 billion. 

COVID-19 has made this public health crisis worse...

The pandemic has ushered in stress, isolation, and economic upheaval - all known triggers for addiction and relapse - while robbing many people of treatment options and support systems.

81,003 deaths - a 20% increase and the highest number of fatal overdoses ever recorded in the U.S. in a single year according to the CDC.

Healthcare systems are cutting addiction programs.

Alcoholism-related liver disease was a growing problem even before the pandemic, with 15 million people diagnosed with the condition around the country, and with hospitalizations doubling over the last decade. In one hospital, their numbers have increased 30% during the pandemic. 

At Shatterproof, we harness the models of business, the rigor of science, and the power of a national movement TO CREATE CHANGE AND SAVE LIVES.

Shatterproof is taking action in three key areas to save lives.

Revolutionizing the treatment system.
We are fixing the healthcare delivery system so that every person facing addiction has access to quality care and treatment based on science, just like any other disease.

Ending Addiction Stigma.
Addiction is a treatable disease, not a weakness. By changing people’s attitudes and behaviors, we’re reducing the shame in order to encourage patients to seek life-saving treatment, and providing reassurance, compassion, and support for a full and fulfilling life. Shatterproof is implementing an evidence-based strategy to affect change to confront the pervasive stigma in this crisis.

Supporting and empowering our communities.
We reach millions with resources focused on prevention, treatment, recovery, and loss, provide an advocacy platform to create change, and host national events that create a sense of community among those who are impacted by addiction.

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