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Times Square Feature Contest 

Want to win a feature spot on our Times Square Billboard? You'll have to raise the most funds from 9 am ET on Tuesday 9/21 - 9 am ET on Wednesday 9/22. Check out a sample email/post below to get started!

Customizable Template: 

I'm participating in the Shatterproof Stronger than Addiction Challenge and raising money for Shatterproof's mission to reverse the addiction crisis. They're hosting a one day fundraising contest, this Tuesday, to earn a feature spot on their Times Square Billboard. I REALLY want to win this. Will you help me out by making a donation to my fundraising page during the contest? (INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE). 

Thank you for your support!

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Get Social!

Here are some more ideas on how to spread the word about your challenge challenge and encourage your friends and family to participate or donate.
Start by following Shatterproof on social media!


Sample Templates

Ask for donations!

  • Did you know that overdose death rates in America increased by 29% in the last year? I’m participating in the Shatterproof #StrongerThanAddiction Challenge to support the tens of millions of Americans struggling with addiction. Donate to my campaign to show your support! Together, we can reverse the addiction crisis in America. 
  • I'm taking the #StrongerThanAddiction challenge in support of the more than 20 million Americans who face addiction. Help me beat my fundraising goal so that, together, we can help reverse the addiction crisis in the U.S. 
  • This September, I'm taking the #strongerthanaddiction Challenge in honor of my <insert relation><name>. With your donation, we can support all our loved ones battling addiction in America. Together, #WeAreShatterproof.

Build a team!

  • This September, I'm taking the #strongerthanaddictionchallenge to show support for the 1 in 3 Americans that are affected by addiction. Join my team for my challenge so that, together, we can reverse the addiction crisis in America.
  • This September, I'm <insert activity> to show that we are stronger than the stigma that those battling addiction face every day. Join me in my challenge so that together, we can help shatter the stigma and reverse the addiction crisis in America. Together, we are #StrongerThanAddiction.
  • Nearly 90% of people who need treatment for addiction do not receive it. I’m showing that I’m #StrongerThanAddiction and supporting Shatterproof to shatter the stigma so that people receive the treatment they need. Please join my team and support my fundraiser today.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Strongerthanaddiction in all your posts!

Social Share Photos
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Some helpful Tips & Tricks

Provide regular updates:

Keep your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors posted on your Challenge and fundraising with photos, videos, and posts. They’ll definitely want to join you or donate to your event once they see how much this cause means to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask:

Social media is no place to be shy. Ask your network to donate to your Stronger Than Addiction Challenge fundraising efforts. Share how the money you raise will make a difference, changing the lives of those impacted by addiction.


Connect your fundraising page directly to a Facebook Fundraiser.

You can easily connect a Facebook fundraiser directly through your dashboard! This is the easiest way to reach your fundraising goal. Participants that connect to Facebook raise on average 5x more than those who don’t! IMPORTANT: For a Facebook Fundraiser to be credited to your fundraising efforts for the Stronger Than Addiction Challenge, it MUST be connected through your Participant Dashboard.