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Form a Team at Your Company!

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Band together with your colleagues to show how your company is Stronger than Addiction and raise money for Shatterproof’s lifesaving work. Teams can have two people, or two hundred. Typically, corporate teams set a collective activity goal (think steps, miles or hours of movement) for the month of September and an ambitious fundraising goal. Shatterproof will provide a branded company-specific team page where employees can register themselves, and employees can post about their progress to goal on the team page. 



Download your corporate team toolkit HERE





Examples of team activities:

- Climb “x” amount of steps collectively in the month of September

- Walk/run “x” amount of miles collectively in the month of September

- Everyone will do a fitness activity like dance, hike, yoga, swim or cycle as a group


-A clear demonstration of your company’s commitment to supporting those with substance use disorder and ending stigma around this disease.

-The chance to save lives – every dollar you raise will go toward transforming addiction treatment, advocating for policy, supporting communities and shattering stigma.

-Team building and improving workplace culture.

-The opportunity to be recognized in the virtual celebration event on September 30th where Shatterproof will be showcasing some of the most successful fundraisers.

What you’ll need:

-A team captain (or a few co-captains) who will liaise directly with Shatterproof staff and be the internal champion for this initiative. This person should plan to distribute communication about the opportunity to participate and to send updates to staff throughout the month of September.

-An employee base who is engaged and passionate about reversing the addiction crisis in the United States.

What we'll provide:

-Email templates to recruit employees to sign up and for employees to ask those in their network to make donations or join the team.

-Shatterproof merchandise for any individual who raises over $150, $500, $1,000 or $5,000. See incentive guidelines for rules and restrictions. 

-A branded team registration page, individual fundraising pages and technology support for anything related.

-A Shatterproof Event and Fundraising coach who will support the team throughout the entire event.