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Double Your Fundraising With Matching Gifts

Many employers will match the charitable donations of their employees. There’s a good chance some of your donors (and/or their partners or spouses) work for one of these companies. 

Look at your donor list and write down where that individual (or their spouse/partner) works

If you aren’t sure, include a paragraph like this in your thank you email to your donor:

"I wanted to let you know, many employers will match charitable donations which could potentially double the impact of your gift. It’s usually a simple process and I’m more than happy to help. Do you know if your company participates? If not, I can find out for you."

Type in the name of your donor’s (or their partner/spouse’s) employer

This will immediately let you know if the company offers a matching program. As a common courtesy, always ask your donor if they would like to participate before proceeding.

For most organizations, Double the Donation will describe what process is required to get matching funds. In many cases, you’ll manage these steps on your own. 

However, some companies will require your donor’s input (or the information might only be accessible through their company intranet). In this case, you’ll need your donor’s assistance. 

Wherever possible, simplify the process for your donor

For instance, if you can access the matching gift form, fill it out on your donor’s behalf then scan/email (or snail mail) it to them with instructions on what to complete. As a helpful bonus, highlight the areas your donor needs to fill in and include a pre-addressed stamped envelope—anything to make it easy for your donor to finish the process. 

Note: The matching company may need to know Shatterproof’s EIN# which is: 45-4619712

Then typically, your donor will mail the completed form to Shatterproof: 
101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park
1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

Once your donor mails the completed form to us, their job is done!

Pro Tip: Ask donors to return their completed form(s) to you and, after collecting them all, mail in a bulk envelope to Shatterproof. This will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is wrapped up and on its way, with the added bonus of seeing your total matching dollar amount.

Like anything worthwhile, doubling down on matching gifts may take some time, but every additional dollar you raise will help change the conversation about addiction.